Ventrum Energy Corp.

Welcome to Ventrum Energy Corp.

Ventrum Energy Corp. brings together partners seeking to support domestic drilling and other domestic energy projects while being provided an opportunity to own oil wells. There can be excellent tax benefits through natural gas and oil development.

Americans are voting to reenergize America by increasing access to domestic energy resources, like oil and natural gas. Energy policy that supports developing America’s own resources will increase job creation and energy security. For more information, visit www.vote4energy.org.

What we do

We are a respected independent oil company whose mandate is to locate and exploit domestic energy interests. We allow accredited partners to share in the spoils of direct investment and ownership of their own oil company thereby participating in an equal share of the profits. This allows a very competitive and sustainable rate of return to those partners involved. It is our promise to relentlessly pursue new assets and targets in high-potential proven basins, maximize the value of our assets and resources for our shareholders and always work in a productive and caring manner assuring at all times the interests of our partners.

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